Puzzle Math

A variety of PUZZLES AND GAMES for students who are NOT involved in guided group instruction, but rather learning individually and/or cooperatively with others. The following links will hopefully provide opportunities and challenges that encourage those students to engage in LOGICAL INQUIRY and deepen their mathematical understanding.



Algebra on Rectangles


Angle Mazes


Area Maze

Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks

Calculation Nation

Car Talk

Dot to Dot

Find The Factors

Fraction Card Game

Fraction Talks

Fractured Fractions


Games with Dice



Ken Ken

Ken Ken

Web Version


Integer Game

Math Pickle


Math Guy’s Top 10 Games

Mathies Games


Mathematical Board Games

Max. Min. Math Facts


Quarter The Cross

Ratio Sudoku

Row Game

SET Game

SolveMe Mobiles




Skyscrapers – Web Version


Tarsia Puzzle

Taxi Cab Squares


Tiny Math Games – Dan Meyer


Twin Equations

Desmos version

Win Win Games – Marilyn Burns



Zukei – Geogebra version