Inquiry Support

101 Questions Pictures and videos that support inquiry
Agree or Disagree? Choose a side. Start a fight. Justify. Ask questions. Ask for information.
Always True, Sometimes True, or Never True? Math talk support
Andrew Stadel’s 3 Act Math Google doc spreadsheet of 3-Act math
Authentic Inquiry Maths Blog Blog
Dan Meyer 3 Act Math Google doc spreadsheet of 3-Act math
Desmos “What does the math textbook of the future look like?” Dan Meyer
Emergent Math Grades 4-12 (U.S. problem-based learning curriculum maps)
Eric Milou’s collection of 3-Act Math A collection of 3-Act math lessons
Estimation 180 Building number sense one day at a time
Explore Learning Simulations that power inquiry and understanding
Fawn Nguyen A Blog full of rich conceptual discussions – for teachers only
Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) Mathematical Thinking Tasks
Graham Fletcher’s 3 Act Math Blog with 3-Act links
Graphing Stories … Fifteen seconds at a time Short video stories that help students learn to graph on a plane
Henwood Math Conceptual development lessons
Hungry Teacher 11 free lessons, $25 per year subscription
Illuminations Strand searchable rich tasks
Inquiry Maths Model of teaching that encourages students to regulate their own activity while exploring a mathematical statement (called a prompt)
Inquiry Maths Assessment Framework Mathematical thinking “Look Fors”
Math Assessment Project (mathshell) Robust classroom challenges
Math Talks Grade 6-9 number talks and pattern talks
Math Thinking Sharing thinking about math from students
Mathalicious Free lessons available, excellent inquiry-based lessons
Mathematical Beginnings Learning to ask effective mathematical questions
Mrs. Diehls Math Site Real kids, real mathematics
Nathan Kraft 3-Act Math Inquiry
nrich – enriching mathematics Rich mathematical tasks
Open Curriculum Lessons, activities, etc.
Open Middle Multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem.
Play With Your Math These multiple-grade-level problems will require you to try, fail, and adjust
Pot Luck A variety of Inquiry supports
Reason and Wonder A selection of curated problem-based and open middle problems
Robert Kaplinsky More problem-based lessons
Sam j Shah Blog
Tap Into Teen Minds 3-Act math linked to the Ontario Curriculum
Timon Piccini 3-Act Math Inquiry
University of Waterloo Real world problems designed for grades 9-10 and later.
Visual patterns Gallery style, possibly the best site for generalizing patterns
When Math Happens PBL, 3-Act math, and mindset resources
Which One Doesn’t Belong? Start an argument – promotes justifying and reasoning
Would You Rather? Asking students to choose their own path and justify it
Youcubed Tasks by Stanford professor Jo Boaler
Yummy Math Relevant and current math problems ($18 US for solutions)

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